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Re: Yes, we will participate in the developer gathering 10-12 February

[Jana Majeed]
> Hello,
> We are a group of students from NITH who are working on our bachlor's
> project in cooperation with Nokia. Our project is aimed at improving the
> GUI on Plasma Active Two using Qt. We would very much like to make contact
> with the community and participate in the upcoming gathering. Knut Yrvin
> has asked us to present our project (briefly) at the gathering.

Great.  Welcome.  Can you explain more here on the list what "improving
the GUI" actually mean?

> Unfortunately, we will not be able to participate fully at this
> gathering, as we have received a massive take-home exam which is due
> on Sunday. We don't want to miss out fully though, so we have arranged
> to be able to attend on Friday. We plan to participate fully at later
> gatherings.

Right.  And I will not be able to join during the day on Friday, as
Debian Edu is a spare time non-work project to me. :)

> We are 4 people who will be attending the whole day on Friday
> (including dinner):
>    - Jana Majeed
>    - Erle Tveit-Hansen (will arrive a little after 14:00)
>    - Erik Joramo
>    - Peter Hindar
> We look forward to the gathering.

Great. :)

I hope to see you there.  Sick kids might limit my attendance
significantly, but I still hope to join at least part of the time.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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