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Re: ultra thin client/manufacturer/cheaper price

On 12-02-09 at 09:20pm, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Angie]
> > Dear Skolelinux,
> > Glad to know that you are the field of thin client with very good
> > requtation corporation in your country.
> > This is Angie from Hui Yuan Co., Ltd, very professional in exporting 
> > ultra thin client products. With the strength of product copyright 
> > and certificates like CE, FCC etc, sincerely hope to find a way to 
> > cooperate with you.
> I got this one directly to me, and while at first glance it looked
> like spam, it seemed slightly LTSP relevant and in the end I decided
> to bounce it to the list and reply here to ask if you believe we
> should try to contact these for test equipment?  If someone in the
> project is interested in trying to make sure these clients work with
> Debian Edu and LTSP, we might have something to cooperate with them
> about.
> I will not have time to look at it myself, so if you are interested
> please state so on the list and get directly in touch with them.

Perhaps involve Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org>, he is from Germany but 
lives in China and have before shown interest in export of hardware (for 
FreedomBox, if I recall correctly).

The company seems legit, and apparently offer MIPS based hardware 
running embedded Linux: 

 - Jonas

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