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Yes, we will participate in the developer gathering 10-12 February


We are a group of students from NITH who are working on our bachlor's project in cooperation with Nokia. Our project is aimed at improving the GUI on Plasma Active Two using Qt. We would very much like to make contact with the community and participate in the upcoming gathering. Knut Yrvin has asked us to present our project (briefly) at the gathering.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to participate fully at this gathering, as we have received a massive take-home exam which is due on Sunday. We don't want to miss out fully though, so we have arranged to be able to attend on Friday. We plan to participate fully at later gatherings.

We are 4 people who will be attending the whole day on Friday (including dinner):
We look forward to the gathering.

Regards, Jana Majeed (for the group)

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