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Re: Diskless clients: NFSv4 mounting with sec=krb5p and no machine creds

On Sun, Feb 05, 2012 at 10:51:08PM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Andreas B. Mundt]
> > How long?  I think entering the username triggers autofs (to read the
> > user's configuration, for example which desktop he want's to start by
> > default).  What if someone takes 15 seconds to enter his password, and
> > someone else needs only 3 seconds?
> This do not sound right.  Setups using pam_mount work, and I believe PAM
> is only invoked after the password is entered.  Because of this, I
> believe the users home directory isn't accessed before the password is
> entered.

I did not say that pam_mount doesn't work.  I believe gdm tries to
access the home directory.  If it doesn't succeed, this is non-fatal.
However we don't have to argue about that, it should be easy to
check: Login on a terminal on a workstation as root, check if the home
directories are not yet mounted and then login on gdm as a user and
carefully check when the home directory is accessed/mounted using the

> What are you seeing that make you believe PAM is invoked too late?
> Could it be some other pam module called earlier in the stack that
> causes the effect?

Hm?  Are we talking about the same issue, making a diskless
workstation work without machine credentials?

Best regards,


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