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Re: wrapper for kpasswd

On Fr, 20 Jan 2012, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> [Wolfgang Schweer]
> > Changing the Kerberos password using a web browser is sort of 
> > uncomfortable.
> Yes, but required to get the Samba and LDAP password updated at the
> same time. :( If we want to properly handle Samba and LDAP access, we
> need to keep these in sync.
> Since yesterday (thanks to #656309), if you only want to change the
> Kerberos password, you can use 'passwd', the KDE control panel
> (password & user account or something like that), or any other program
> using PAM.

Thanks, I wasn't aware of #656309
> I am wondering if we should disable the PAM option and tell everyone
> to use the web page, to make sure Samba and LDAP access keep working
> without confusing users and admins, but am not sure.

Well, it couldn't be more confusing than atm. No simple way to explain 
yet given all the other changes since Lenny.

> > The following script uses kdialog boxes and could be executed via
> > ALT-F2 or via a .desktop file. It works for me. To be useable in
> > GNOME as well, xdialog would be better though but IIRC it looks
> > ugly.
> It seem redundant to the passwd and KDE control panel options.  Any
> particular reason why you want a third option?

No longer.


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