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Re: wrapper for kpasswd

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Changing the Kerberos password using a web browser is sort of 
> uncomfortable.

Yes, but required to get the Samba and LDAP password updated at the
same time. :( If we want to properly handle Samba and LDAP access, we
need to keep these in sync.

Since yesterday (thanks to #656309), if you only want to change the
Kerberos password, you can use 'passwd', the KDE control panel
(password & user account or something like that), or any other program
using PAM.

I am wondering if we should disable the PAM option and tell everyone
to use the web page, to make sure Samba and LDAP access keep working
without confusing users and admins, but am not sure.

In Wheezy, the kerberos server get hooks that can be used when
changing passwords, allowing the Kerberos server to update the Samba
and LDAP password.  But until then, we are out of luck.  See #588968
for the details.

> The following script uses kdialog boxes and could be executed via
> ALT-F2 or via a .desktop file. It works for me. To be useable in
> GNOME as well, xdialog would be better though but IIRC it looks
> ugly.

It seem redundant to the passwd and KDE control panel options.  Any
particular reason why you want a third option?
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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