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Bug#655234: Default selection of installation profile -> standalone workstation

Hi Petter,

On Mo 09 Jan 2012 20:33:05 CET Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Mike Gabriel]
How about pre-selecting a more common installation profile for the
squeeze release? My preference would be: Standalone Workstation.

I like the idea so much I implemented it in the summer of 2010.  When
installing on a non-laptop computer in a network without a main-server
present, the default will be like you describe it.  When doing the
same in a network with a main-server present, the default will be
workstation for non-laptop machines with only one network interface,
and thin-client-server for non-laptop machines with more than one
network interface.  For laptops, the default is standalone when
installing without a main-server present, and roaming workstation when
a main-server is present.

I welcome input on how the dynamic selection of default values is
working.  To see how it work in detail check out

That is really really awesome stuff! What is the default for VirtualBox installation? The profile that gets pre-selected is


Is that coincidence? Or does it happen non-deliberately? Should we detect VirtualBox installations and offer some other default than the above?



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