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Re: Bug#655231: translate GOsa netgroup plugin shipped with d-e-c

Hi Holger,

On Mo 09 Jan 2012 17:02:12 CET Holger Levsen wrote:

tags 655231 + wontfix

On Montag, 9. Januar 2012, Mike Gabriel wrote:
d-e-c ships the GOsa NIS netgroups plugin provided by Alejandro
Aescanero for the D-E project.

I dont think we should spend efforts on translating our code duplicate.
Instead, the plugin should be translated in GOsa².

disagreeing here. The plugin has been provided by Alejandro. He was so kind to help us out when it was needed for the project. How about giving translations back to him/upstream (that is: FusionDirectory upstream btw). The German translation btw was created on the Debian Edu Dev meeting in Hamburg.



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