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Bug#655274: make functional or disable GOsa² user tick box: ,,user must change password on first login''

package: debian-edu-config
severity: minor

Quoting pere on #debian-edu IRC:
23:16 (20120109) < pere> at least some of the user setup (unix account) do not seem to work. I tried the 'user must change password on first login", but kdm do not seem to care.

Gosa² probably stores this ,,user must change password on first login'' in shadowAccount attribute types. As Kerberos is used for authentication (policies) on Debian Edu systems, this shadowAccount information has to be synced to the Kerberos principal attributes somehow.

If that is not possible (or very difficult) the ,,user must change password on first login'' tick box should rather be disabled via a GOsa² ACL.



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