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Bug#653912: please add shortcut to gosa pw change on users desktop

On Mon, 02 Jan 2012, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> The KDEDIRS environment seem to be set as it should by
> desktop-profiles and contain /usr/share/debian-edu/students/, but the
> desktop icons in /usr/share/debian-edu/students/ do not seem to take
> effect.

The apps/kdesktop mechanism seems to be missing in kde4 cause there 
isn't a »Desktop« any more - only plasmoids. It is possible though to 
use the (scriptable) plasmoid »folderview« to provide a Desktop like it 
used to be in kde3. As folderview is shipped by default the only thing 
remaining is to script it. The package desktop-base contains the file 

Dont't know if it is the right way to go but I modified this file 
(sample file attached) and adapted chguserpw.desktop (file attached). 
Create directory /usr/share/debian-edu/common/share/applications/ and 
put chguserpw.desktop into it.

It would be best to use a new user account to test it. There should be 
three icons on the desktop: change password, openoffice and iceweasel.


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