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Bug#650366: ldapsearch without line wrappings

package: debian-edu-config
severity: normal
version: svn-r74294

Hi all,

I recently discovered a problem when parsing ldapsearch output. Ldapsearch wraps lines longer than 78 chars (or so).

This article describes how to circumvent this:

## removes line wrappings: perl -p00e 's/\r?\n //g'

# Example
ldapsearch -xLLL -h oh.mighty.ldapserver -b dc=example,dc=com | perl -p00e 's/\r?\n //g'

The change should at least be applied to gosa-create in


But maybe there are more places where to fix this... The problem becomes evident if you have long DN strings in LDAP (that is: a versatile OU structure in the LDAP DIT).



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