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Re: LDAP server scaling problem?

El mar, 22-11-2011 a las 16:57 +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> [José Luis Redrejo Rodríguez]
> > As you said in a previous email, in Extremadura we had the same
> > problems. With the iddletimeout option they were fixed.  You need to
> > have many concurrent users to notice the problems ( aprox.  more than
> > 100), and I guess that's why there are not more people complaining, as
> > this concurrency is not very usual.
> Yeah.  What value for idletimeout did you use?  I've tried 1200 (20
> minutes) and 600 (10 minutes).  Am considering going even lower, but am
> not trying with 'ulimit -n 8192' to see how that work.

I've used 300 and 600 with good results in both cases. 

> > Since May we have updated our ldap servers to Squeeze, and we have had
> > no problems up to now, with idletimeout=0 .
> Right.  Good to hear.  Upgrading is an option, but not a very good one
> for the installation at the moment.
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