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Re: Kturtle in Bengali...

Dear Joysankar,

thank you for your work, having kturtle in Bengali, is really
a great achievement. I am a teacher having translated kturtle
commands into German years ago, so I wonder if your translation
also includes commands (there used to be some issues with UTF8,
hope, this is fixed now).

I am just a user myself, but as I remember, your po files need to
be uploaded by official debian developers into testing, in order
to have these files included for the next release cycle. 

Don't know as for schedules; but please be patient.

Until official releases, you might get some inofficial Debian
packages that can be installed from corresponding apt-sources.

Regards & welcome,

P.S.: Further reading to know about your language and its writing:
One wouldn't guess it: "Bengali is one of the most spoken 
languages (ranking sixth) in the world."

Am Freitag, 11. November 2011 schrieb Joy Sankar Sengupta:
> I've translated kturtlr.po file in Bengali.Also configured my machine to
> use the software in Bengali.But I want to make a package which allows
> installing kturtle in Bengali at the time of Installation.I want kturtle
> purely in Bengali and want to omit other language.Can you please help me?
> Now I have the kturtle.tar.gz and kturtle.mo(Bengali version) file and want
> to marge them to get the kturtle(in Bengali) as a package by which I can
> use the software in Bengali after installation instead of configuring the
> system manually(means install kturtle,then paste the kturtle.mo to
> locale,after that select the script language as Bengali etc.).
> I don't have any idea how to proceed?
> Best Regards,
> Joysankar Sengupta

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