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Re: Samba integration with GOsa and Skolelinux

[Mike Gabriel]
> I plan to integrate most of the achievements in Debian Edu SVN, but  
> there was a discussion about releasing beta1 before doing that.  
> Actually, Holger's opinion was to wait until wheezy with Samba NT4  
> domain. However, the patches are all on my notebook, so it would be  
> possible to have a fully functional domain controller (including GOsa  
> machine management) for squeeze.

What kind of features would be missing if this support is not included
in Squeeze?  Where these features also working with the Lenny version?

I suspect this feature is required to be able to integrateion modern
Windows machines into the Skolelinux network like we could with
earlier versions of Windows in Lenny.  If that is the case, loosing
that feature would be an unfortunate regression.  If it isn't a
regression, I suspect Holgers opinion is a good one.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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