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Samba integration with GOsa and Skolelinux

Hi all,

the last 2 weeks I've spent at a local school and rolled out a Debin Edu squeeze. The last week was fully dedicated to turn the current Samba stuff in Debian Edu into a fully working SAMBA NT4 domain with GOsa integration.

I plan to integrate most of the achievements in Debian Edu SVN, but there was a discussion about releasing beta1 before doing that. Actually, Holger's opinion was to wait until wheezy with Samba NT4 domain. However, the patches are all on my notebook, so it would be possible to have a fully functional domain controller (including GOsa machine management) for squeeze.

I have time to start with committing tonight (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). I will start with compatibility patches first (tonight), but later on there will be commits, that we may not want yet in beta1.

Can anyone with permissions maybe build a DVD and lay it aside as a beta1 candidate tomorrow? The incoming patches of tonight are valuable to become part of beta1, though.



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