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Re: browser races


* Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> [110624 08:38]:

> > I'd use stable backports (see backports.debian.org) or until ff5 is available 
> > there you can follow this: 
> > http://blog.steve.org.uk/so_you_want_to_install_the_most_recent_firefox_.html
> Am I to impatient or should we bring up this topic on
> debian-devel@l.d.o.  The only reason why I did not yet is that I do
> not want to step into an ant hill triggering a huge flame war again
> ...

I'd advise you to actually search throught the list archives (including
debian-release) before, and you'll notice, that the topic has been
covered already, and well discussed.

Problem with the newer firefox is, that it would break quite some
reverse depends, therefore it's uploaded to experimental till at least
some of the reverse depends are fixed.

Best Regards,

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