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Edubuntu Monthly Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hi Edubuntu developers
(and debian-edu developers)

We had Rubén Romero y Cordero and Arnt Ove Gregersen from Debian-Edu
(also known as Skolelinux) joining us so that we can discuss
collaboration between the two projects.

Two areas we identified as possible starting points are:

1. Packaging work: for a start, get education related packages that are
just in Ubuntu in Debian as well. These are packages like nanny,
edubuntu-menueditor, librecad, etc. Some packages may already have ITP's
in Debian so we'll have to work on the best ways to approach this kind
of work.

2. Integration between Edubuntu clients and Debian-Edu servers. Some
Debian-Edu environments are already mixed environments with Debian and
Ubuntu machines. Debian-Edu provides an central authentication out of
the box. It would be great if we could include an easy method of
integrating into a Debian-Edu environment with Edubuntu.

We also discussed communication and we will probably have a session at
UDS where we will specifically invite Debian-Edu people to participate
in. Rubén is going to follow up with the Ubuntu community manager to see
if it's still possible to apply for sponsorship. Edubuntu people are
pretty much available on #edubuntu on freenode, and debian-edu people
are on #debian-edu on #oftc. Some of us will be on both :)

If there's any questions or comment feel free to shout, this is going to
be an ongoing process and will take effort from both sides.

Thanks for reading!

Here's a full dump of our meeting:

15:00  * stgraber waves
15:00 < stgraber> highvoltage: ping
15:00 < highvoltage> stgraber: pong
15:01 < highvoltage> stgraber: are you and M going to make it back in time?
15:01 < alkisg> o/
15:01 < stgraber> mgariepy and I will have to skip this meeting, sorry
15:01 < highvoltage> stgraber: ok
15:01 < stgraber> just left the US
15:01 < highvoltage> ouch, ok
15:02 < highvoltage> who else is here for the Edubuntu meeting?
15:03 < highvoltage> here's the Agenda:
15:03 < highvoltage> and the roadmap wiki page:
15:04 < highvoltage> Beta 1 release is happening tomorrow, we're mostly
looking good for that, I've been testing upgrades today
15:04 < highvoltage> as well as i386/amd64 DVD installs
15:04 < highvoltage> still have to test LTSP but at least it installed fine
15:05 < highvoltage> I missed some icons in the installer slideshow, but
it's not critical, I hope to get a freeze exception for those
15:05 < highvoltage> we still also have italc crashing on amd64, which
is weird since we thought we removed it from the live session
15:06 < highvoltage> Rubén Romero y Cordero has been working on
improving the relationship between Debian-Edu/Skolelinux and Edubuntu
15:07 < highvoltage> he arranged for the Debian guys to join us for this
meeting so that we can discuss collaboration, unfortunately I don't know
their nicks, are you guys here?
15:07  * huayra would be Rubén
15:08 < arnt> I am the board leader in FRISK the member organization for
15:08 < highvoltage> ah right! hi huayra and arnt :)
15:09 < arnt> FRISK  is short for "Free software in the schools" , an
organization that promots the use of the FLOSS software in the Norwegian
15:09 < huayra> hi highvoltage and the rest of the edubuntu team
15:09 < arnt> hi highvoltage
15:09 < highvoltage> would you mind giving some introductions?
unfortunately everyone isn't here, but it would be nice for the logs
(I'll post it to the lists) and I'll take the liberty of introducing
marc/staphane who can't be here right now
15:10 < arnt> hi the rest :)
15:10 < alkisg> Hi arnt and huayra :)
15:11 < highvoltage> I'm Jonathan Carter, I work for Révolution Linux
that implements a full range of Linux solutions, we have many schools
and educational institutions as clients and it's an important part of
what we do
15:11  * alkisg is a Greek teacher, promoting (ed)ubuntu/ltsp in greek
schools (about 200 so far)
15:11 < highvoltage> mgariepy and stgraber also works with me, they're
on their way back from the US (we're based in Canada) so they couldn't
make it for this meeting
15:12 < arnt> My name is Arnt Ove Gregersen, I work as a system
developer at day time creating map related software , in my spare time I
am the board leader for FRISK the DebianEdu member organization that
works to promote FLOSS software in Norway
15:12 < highvoltage> the active members on
https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-members/+members is pretty much who's
been recently active in Edubuntu. as you see it's a small team
15:13 < highvoltage> mhall119, who's usually around also works on
Qimo4kids, a distribution for young kids: http://www.qimo4kids.com/
15:14  * huayra is an Ubuntu Member and FRISK board member. Contact
member for the Norwegian LoCo team. work with sales of Free Software.
driver of SpreadUbuntu. Have a love for Skolelinux and Edubuntu, so it
makes sense for me to do what I do (whatever it is I am doing)
15:14 < highvoltage> we've worked together to get some qimo packages
into ubuntu. for the next release we should have a full qimo system
available in the archives. it would actually be quite nice to have it
available for debian as well
15:15 < arnt> sounds like a good idea
15:15 < highvoltage> in terms of what edubuntu does, it's not that far
off from skolelinux/debian-edu. here are some screenshots of what we
install: http://edubuntu.org/screenshots
15:15 < huayra> the usual route is Debian>Ubuntu IMHU
15:16 < huayra> Is there a way to get it the other way around in a
smooth way that you know of, highvoltage (or anyone else?)
15:16 < highvoltage> huayra: indeed. we have some things in Ubuntu
that's not packaged in Debian yet, like Nanny, for example
15:16 < mhall119> highvoltage: I missed the deadline to get anythign new
into Natty's archives, I'll re-group and shoot for Oniric
15:16 < mhall119> Oneiric
15:16 < highvoltage> huayra: personally I'd want to become a Debian
maintainer, so I'd love to do more Debian work, but I'll just need a sponsor
15:16 < mhall119> one of these days I'll remember how to spell it
15:16 < alkisg> Ονειρικό :)
15:17 < mhall119> if I can get some help, I'd love to get qimo packaged
for debian
15:17 < huayra> highvoltage, I know several debian developers in the
company I work at. I am not sure how that process work, but we could
have a private chat on that afterwards and see what we can do
15:17 < highvoltage> huayra: vagrantc is going to help me with some ltsp
packages, but if I could have some people willing to sponsor from the
debian-edu side, that would be great
15:18 < mhall119> oh dang, this is a meething, and not #edubuntu, /me
attention fail
15:18 < huayra> there is a lot of good will in the debian-edu site AFAIK
15:18 < highvoltage> huayra: great. there are other packages too like
librecad, and also a bunch of other stuff we'd like to get in that would
be more appropriate with the debian -> ubuntu route
15:18 < huayra> People are positive to work with Edubuntu as long as we
work towards concrete results
15:19 < huayra> arnt, am I right?
15:19 < highvoltage> I think it's like that from both sides :)
15:19 < huayra> That is my impression from the Debian-edu dev meeting I
assisted to, at least
15:19 < huayra> highvoltage, indeed :)
15:19 < highvoltage> heck, I'd even be happy if we can start
communicating more :)
15:20 < highvoltage> but getting packages into debian would be a good
start, imho
15:20 < highvoltage> at least, our steadily growing list of things
that's just in the ubuntu archives and not in debian
15:20 < arnt> huayra: it is my impression as well
15:20 < arnt> communication is a good thing :)
15:20 < highvoltage> arnt: that was the IRL meeting right?
15:21 < arnt> IRL meeting ?
15:21 < highvoltage> IRL = In Real Life (as apposed to an IRC meeting)
15:21 < arnt> ah :) yes
15:22 < huayra> yes, highvoltage. In Oslo
15:22 < huayra> I have to admit that I didn't catch the IRL either...
15:22 < huayra> :)
15:22 < highvoltage> huayra mentioned before in an email that we could
perhaps look at scripts and packages that would make it easier to
integrate an edubuntu desktop machine into a skolelinux network
15:23 < highvoltage> do you have any strong feelings about that, arnt?
15:23 < arnt> yes, I guess that would be a good way to start the cooperation
15:23 < highvoltage> I was wondering whether some people might feel that
we'd try to steal desktops from debian-edu or something if we do that
15:24 < highvoltage> but I also think that it would be nice if we could
do that, considering that we don't have the central authentication
abilities in edubuntu out of the box that you have in debian-edu
15:24 < arnt> many of our users use both debianedu and  ubuntu /
edubuntu in mixed enviroment so I guess that would make many people happy
15:24 < huayra> That was a proposal from a debian-edu dev. And he also
mentioned something like: "some people use thin clients, some use fat
clients and we have to please them all"
15:24 < highvoltage> so, so far we can already:
15:24 < highvoltage> 1. work on getting ubuntu-only packages into debian
15:25 < highvoltage> 2. work on better "interoperability" (for lack of
better word right now) between edubuntu and skolelinux
15:25 < highvoltage> (I think that's already a good start)
15:25 < arnt> me too
15:25 < alkisg> Indeed
15:26 < huayra> sounds good, but we should divide 2 in 2 points:
15:26 < highvoltage> ah, I guess it's also worth while mentioning a
slight bit about how we make decisions
15:26 < highvoltage> we have the Edubuntu Council, members are listed
here: https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-council
15:26 < huayra> 2.1 Ship Edubuntu with packages that integrate into a
Debian-Edu server environment
15:27 < highvoltage> project-level decisions are usually voted on by the
council, although I doubt we'll need to do anything like that today
15:27 < huayra> 2.2 Have a viable and open channel of communication
between both communities where interoperability issues can be handled
15:28 < highvoltage> I usually hang out on #debian-edu, so if anyone
needs to poke someone about an ubuntu/edubuntu issue, feel free to poke me
15:28  * huayra would like to emphasize: these are proposal, not orders
or desicions :)
15:28 < highvoltage> (or any of us that are there, for that matter)
15:28 < highvoltage> huayra: *nod*
15:28 < highvoltage> we're about to finish off the current ubuntu
development cycle, the next release is in April
15:29 < highvoltage> after that comes the Ubuntu Developer Summit, a few
of us will be there to flesh out the ideas and proposals made for the
next release cycle
15:30 < highvoltage> when planning the next release we can take
debian-edu into account considering what we discussed today, and put the
todo list items in our roadmap
15:30 < huayra> is UDS in Europe or in the US this time?
15:30 < highvoltage> Europe
15:30 < huayra> where?
15:30 < highvoltage> Budapest: http://uds.ubuntu.com/
15:30 < huayra> I am considering to assist, but haven't check this time
around yet (real life catching up...)
15:31 < huayra> about time to get back to Budapest :)
15:31 < huayra> ok, sorry, please continue
15:31 < highvoltage> no problem, I hate being the only one talking :)
15:32 < highvoltage> at least we can do a lot of things that aren't tied
to the Ubuntu release cycle
15:32 < highvoltage> like packaging work in debian, for example
15:32 < arnt> great
15:33 < huayra> highvoltage, I can't come :( But will try to assist
remotely if we can agree on setting up a meeting there that you can lead
15:33 < highvoltage> I don't know if there's anything else we can do for
Debian at this stage, but we're certainly open to ideas
15:33 < huayra> We could invite Debian-Edu devs to join if it makes sense
15:33 < highvoltage> huayra: ok, I'll be sure to send you the details
when scheduling is available
15:33 < huayra> arnt, thoughts around that?
15:34 < huayra> alkisg, mhall119 do you have ideas or wishes?
15:34 -!- skaet_ is now known as skaet_otp
15:34  * mhall119 hasn't been following along, sorry
15:34 < highvoltage> huayra: yep, I guess not all our sessions will be
interesting for everyone, but we could probably have a session where
some of these things could specifically be covered
15:34 < arnt> huayra, sounds like a good idea
15:35 < huayra> thanks highvoltage. I'll make sure to pass the
information to FRISK and hopefully get some debian-edu devs joining, at
least remotely
15:35 < alkisg> huayra: here in greece we're interested in the
authentication part of skolelinux, it'd be great if that could cooperate
with edubuntu desktops. So all of you covered what I wanted to say :)
15:35 < mhall119> I will be in Budapest though
15:35 < mhall119> if there's a session I can make
15:36 < huayra> sounds like we have 2 points we can work on and get down
and dirty with themunder UDS
15:36 < highvoltage> (bbiab)
15:36 < huayra> and it seems we have enough time to get it all planned
relatively well
15:37 < highvoltage> ok, back. stgraber and mgariepy also just arrived
15:38 < mgariepy> hi
15:38 < jever> moin
15:38 < highvoltage> what we've discussed in terms of collaboration so
far, at least as proposals are:
15:38 < highvoltage> 15:24 < highvoltage> 1. work on getting ubuntu-only
packages into debian
15:38 < highvoltage> 15:25 < highvoltage> 2. work on better
"interoperability" (for lack of better word right now) between edubuntu
and skolelinux
15:38 < highvoltage> 15:26 < huayra> 2.1 Ship Edubuntu with packages
that integrate into a Debian-Edu server environment
15:38 < highvoltage> 15:27 < huayra> 2.2 Have a viable and open channel
of communication between both communities where interoperability issues
can be  handled
15:39 < huayra> hi mgariepy and stgraber
15:40 < highvoltage> and that we'll probably have at least one UDS
session where debian-edu folk can participate remotely
15:40 < highvoltage> (well, they can participate in all of them, of
course, but one session at least that's focussed on collaboration, etc)
15:40 < highvoltage> how should we take this further? a wiki page?
15:41 < huayra> (and they can come to Budapest if they want or even ask
for sponsorship from canonical)
15:42 < highvoltage> yep, the sponsorship deadline was yesterday, but if
someone is serious about it they could probably still get in a late
15:42 < huayra> A wiki page sounds good. Arnt should we replicate it in
our site or just use the Ubuntu Wiki?
15:42 < arnt> a real life  meeting between the developers sounds like to
something we should try achieve
15:42 < huayra> I do not want to tip on anyone toes here, so I ask this
in the open :)
15:42 < arnt> huary , at least we should link to it from our site
15:43 < highvoltage> personally I don't care where it is, but it should
really be something we all can edit
15:43 < huayra> highvoltage, indeed.
15:44 < highvoltage> so either the ubuntu wiki or debian wiki would be
ideal imho
15:44 < huayra> Arnt can we ask if any devs want to join this and ask
them to apply for sponsorship. It's been a long time ago collaboration
in this front happened and I am sure we can move some bricks and see if
some sponsorship can be done
15:44 < highvoltage> fwiw I'm also going to try to attend debconf later
this year
15:44 < arnt> is there any information on how and where to apply ?
15:45 < highvoltage> arnt: it's all on the UDS microsite:
15:45 < huayra> http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/
15:45 < arnt> ok, thanks
15:46 < highvoltage> arnt: we might have to ask the ubuntu community
manager for some intervention, since the deadline for sponsorship
applications has past, but I think it's worth a try
15:46 < huayra> highvoltage and arnt: i can ask Jono if we get someone
on board
15:46 < highvoltage> huayra: great, thanks for taking that
15:47 < stgraber> hello again
15:47 < stgraber> just got back at the office
15:47 < huayra> but I will already ask him now so it's worth the effort
of someone applying
15:47 < highvoltage> ok
15:48 < highvoltage> stgraber: do you have a minute to glance over the
scrollback and provide some feedback?
15:48 < arnt> huayra, great
15:48 < huayra> arnt, can you take the asking the Debian-Edu dev
community about this?
15:48 < huayra> please :)
15:49 < arnt> huayra, I will do so
15:49 < arnt> huayra, we can coordinate it afterwards
15:49 < highvoltage> is there anything else that we should discuss today?
15:49 < huayra> great
15:50 < highvoltage> (I'll send the logs of this discussion to both
devel lists so that everyone can be up to date)
15:50 < arnt> highvoltage, I do not think so, we should start by taking
small steps in my opinion
15:51 < arnt> highvoltage, and the above steps seems like some good
steps to start with
15:51 < highvoltage> indeed.
15:52 < highvoltage> shall we adjourne?
15:52 < highvoltage> we're pretty much always available in #edubuntu as
well, fwiw
15:52 < huayra> I think this is a good start, indeed
15:53 < arnt> I agree
15:53 < highvoltage> alkisg, huayra, arnt, mgariepy, mhall119, stgraber,
jever: thanks for attenting!
15:54  * highvoltage hits the end of meeting gong
15:54 < alkisg> Thanks :)
15:54 < highvoltage> *GONG*
15:56 < mgariepy> Thanks


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