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how to set-up a 'fat' workstation with latest debian

  I have a need to run software that requires Squeeze etc... so I'd like to set up a 'fat' squeeze workstation on an existing skolelinux system alongside the thinclients and diskless workstations. The goal is for students to be able to log in to the new workstation or existing thinclients and be able to access all their files in their Home folder on Tjener.
  So, I'm thinking to do a current, stable, install with Skolelinux (Lenny) and the try upgrading it to Squeeze. But what happens with the desktops and their nfs exports and KDE3 settings etc...?
  Maybe there's a better way to accomplish the three goals of student login centralized, access to their Home folder by nfs export on either system and one or more sqeeze workstations?
  So I realize this could be difficult and if anyone has done it I'd appreciate some advice.

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