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Re: diskless workstations / setup


Am Dienstag, den 29.03.2011, 18:53 +0200 schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> I would like to bring up a topic that I already adressed to Klaus Ade  
> off-list and that confuses me.
> In the German lenny Skole manual:
> http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/debian-edu-doc/de/debian-edu-lenny-manual.pdf
> there is a hint that diskless workstations can be fed from the first  
> LTSP server with there boot envs. The diskless workstation will be  
> located within the 10.0.2-network. That is also similar to the  
> information Klaus Ade gave me.
> My questions are:
>   o does this not interfere with the PXE installer on tjener?
Yes. But Do you really want to use this with lenny? 
Squeeze and gosa has more support for this but it is also not perfect
and you need some unusual hacks.  
>   o does the first LTSP server also have a dhcpd on the 10.0.2-NIC?
I think no. And if this would be a bug because the dhcp leases would be 
confused. No real problem for static IPs only odd, but ranges does go

>   o are diskless clients handled via MAC addresses? Possibly in GOsa?
Yes like all other IP's I hope.

> I am not really clear about the diskless workstation concept for  
> squeeze. My favourite would be:
>    o provide a GRUB to the 192.168.X-network
>    o allow boot as Thin Client or Diskless Workstation
>    o maybe make this configurable via MAC address in GOsa
I suggest Action Button for DHCP or something like this for wheezy.

A unusual hack for squeeze for skilled administrators and may be the
back ported solution from wheezy later. Remember gosa-si.

But this are only my estimation if someone has a better solution I would
be very nice.

Should we file a error report for this? 

regards Andreas

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