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developer meeting in May in Hamburg?


I'm wondering who/how many would be joining a developer meeting May in 

I'm pondering to organize one in the Atraktor hackerspace (see 
http://wiki.attraktor.org/) - we could get that for free, have good spaces 
and connectivity there. The location in the city and public transport 
connections are also good.

The goal I would like to work on is the release of Debian Edu squeeze. 
Probably also _only_ work on that? ;)

It seems I could organize some local sponsorship for the meeting plus I'm 
thinking about asking the DPL for some money from the "developing sprints 

I'm thinking about 6-8th or 13-15th of May, but thats just an idea to get some 
more comments.

So, comments? Would you be interested to join and make the Debian Edu squeeze 
release happen?!


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