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Re: Linux-PC blocked/filtered in the network. How do I change proxy settings?

On 14. mars 2011 13:39, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Ole-Anders Andreassen]
>> But how can I use this proxy on the diskless and thin clints, and
>> for APT?  It is not possible to change the proxysetting in the
>> browser, the fields here are gray.
> It whould be possible by by modifying the proxy config in
> tjener:/etc/debian-edu/www/wpad.dat, and should take effect on all
> machines after reboot.
> You can also change the squid proxy configuration to use this new
> proxy as its parent proxy, to avoid having to change the client
> configuration.

I would have used the later option, using something like this:
 cache_peer parent    8080  0 default no-digest

I have some similar problems on one of the schools in Aure, but they
(Umoe ikt) are working on the problem.

The fun part is that https always work, http sometimes work, and it
happens on only one of the school. Using one of the other schools inside
the school network of Aure as a parent proxy, it always work.

It could have been funny to see if you could have used one of "my"
servers as parent proxy for your school, but I guess it will be closed
in the firewall that I dont have control over.

// faj

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