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Re: Linux-PC blocked/filtered in the network.

[Ole-Anders Andreassen]
> One of the "really nice features" is that I can use WinXP from
> virtualbox on my linux laptop, and with the virtual WinXP I do not
> have problems accessing the Internet. Jan Roar has testet this from
> another school, and the same happens there...

This seem to indicate that the problem is with the interaction between
the TCP stack on Linux and the firewall in question.

I tried to google for anything related, assuming the firewall is
firewall-1, but found nothing that seemed relevant.

Given that this problem do not seem to affect all Firewall-1 owners, I
suspect the problem must be in the configuration at your site.

I remember a similar problem affecting a school once, where the
transparent HTTP proxy were unable to handle unix line endings in HTTP
headers, and simply refused to let such normal Linux requests true.
Could it be similar?

Does the problem only affect port 80, or is it any port?  Do you see
the same problem with 'tcptraceroute www.skolelinux.org ssh', for

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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