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Re: Problem handling thin clients' "subnet" within GOsa (was: Re: DNS for the thin client network should be handlet by Gosa)

Hi Andi,

On So 27 Feb 2011 20:56:34 CET "Andreas B. Mundt" wrote:

What happens if I ask for the ltspserver's thin-client interface
with associated name ltspserver? Well, I can add an A-record in the
intern-zone that translates to So far so good.

Maybe your problem does not need to be handled in DNS...

If an ltspserver has two IPs... say...

  o 10.0.2.XX

... Can thinclients in ping the ltspserver's 10.0.2.XX IP address? If thinclients have a default route (i.e. route add default gw, they should be able to ping the other interface's IP in the ltspserver.

The only caveat I can think of: I am not sure, if the cross-NIC pinging works without /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward enabled in the kernel which we should definitely avoid on LTSP Servers).

Thus, if thinclients can reach the LTSP Server's external 10.0.2.XX-IP then you do not have to fiddle the LTSP Server's internal IP into GOsa². Just use the IP of the 10.0.2.XX-NIC in DNS.

Otherwise: how problematic is it introducing sub.intern domains into LTSP subnets of Skolelinux?



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