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Re: Make LibreOffice part of Debian Edu

Am Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011 schrieben Sie:
> When I was printing the semester reports last week (from Windows -
> photocopy machine driver problem), I had to wait for frustratingly
> long for the new printing dialogue to respond. So long that I
> uninstalled libre office and went back to OOo. It was much faster for
> me to reinstall OOo than it was to wait for that thing repeatedly.
> Perhaps because it was a network printer? A windows problem? Whatever,
> I'm not in a hurry to inflict that on my school. I would rather wait
> for  libre office to percolate naturally into debian, which is surely
> inevitable.

Dear Nigel,

thanks for your feedback, maybe really a windows issue?
OOo had some shortcomings in its Linux version (e.g. file select dialogue),
and as a teacher I appreaceate that LO now allows me 
- to print 2 (4,8,...) pages on a single sheet (this was really dreary,
  before, when I had to export to PDF and juggle with pdftools then).
- actually print the same page twice on a sheet using the freeform
  text field for "pages to print": Here you can now enter "1,1" instead
  of heaving to copy page one to have an identic page two.

Also opening PDF files and SVG from anywhere works like a charm, and
I think the pdf import looks even better, now...

Just my few coins on this,
but of course, LO must get into Debian ASAP.

Please check out LO for linux, 
and get your driver problem fixed (we might find a solution together).


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