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ldap: ou=group versus ou=groups


in the process of overhauling the ldap tree, I am thinking about
renaming ou=group to ou=groups in order to better reflect the plural

I don't know why ou=group was chosen, perhaps because the expired and
in the meantime deleted RFC2307bis used ou=group in an example. I
cannot imagine that using ou=group or ou=groups makes any difference
for storing our possix groups, but from what I have seen, it looks as
if using ou=groups is more common and the linguistic correct form.

The change is not worth an argument, but I think as we need to make
some changes in ldap with the upcoming release anyway, we should use
that chance to also improve that little thing.

Neither using ou=groups nor ou=group is a big deal, but we have to
live for some (hopefully long) time with what we choose now ... 

What do you think?  

Best regards,


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