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Re: change everyone's iceweasel prefs


On Donnerstag, 11. November 2010, nigel barker wrote:
> That's useful to know, thanks, though running a script on tjener would
> be easier than getting that file onto every workstation. Or do you
> know a trick for doing that?

I use and promote fai, but there is also chef and puppet. (All three are 
Debian packages, for fai you dont need the server, just the fai-client 
package and a configspace is enough.)

But you can also of course just put everything in a local package and somehow 
deploy that everywhere.

Or: for i in $hosts ; do ssh $host $somecommand ; done
(this is not recommended by me. It works though...)

There are many ways to do it, but one should at best have an automated 
mechanism to deploy changes to a number of machines, because it will be 
needed one day.

> In the meantime Google have finally fixed their spreadsheets, so its
> not such an urgent change for me anymore.



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