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Re: More on the future LDAP admin gui in Debian Edu


On 25/10/10 01:31, Klaus Knopper wrote:
> None of us can "integrate CipUX into Skolelinux". We need an official

Yes you can!

> Debian-Edu maintainer to do this. None of our developers is capable of
> making an official decision on which packages go into Skolelinux and
> which don't (at least I don't recall having one in our group yet). We
> WISH that all of our stuff goes into Skolelinux as optional add-on some
> day, as soon as it's complete (and most of it is), but we are not the
> decision makers here.

The usual procedure so far has been that somebody prepared a new feature
and gave the others the possibility to test and then judge it.
Since the work is done in SVN, the change could be easily reverted if

Debian Edu is a rather open project. If you would like to join, simply
contribute to the project via bugzilla and alioth and additionally ask
for an account on the developer machines.
AFAIK, there are no strictly defined rules who may decide on Skolelinux
Those who care take part in the discussions and the majority decides.
At least that is what I experienced and how I got to Debian Edu.

>> So the question I agreed to is:
>> "Why are the people using it in Rheinland-Pfalz, are not activly working 
>> on integrating CipUX in skolelinux?"
>>> What is "this"?
>> " integrating CipUX in skolelinux"
> So, again, what is "integrating CipUX in Skolelinux" other than deciding
> that existing installable packages are accepted and possibly modified in
> their initial setup so that they fit in? How can we do this? Not only
> for CipUX but also for italc and linbo (which are independent of CipUX)?

=> SVN on alioth
There is a big difference between packages being available in Debian and
them being set up and pre-configured correctly with the Debian Edu

> Unfortunately, the developer base working on CipUX itself is very small,
> but, as Jonas already said, the core parts of CipUX are already in
> Debian.
> What needs to be changed in order to make these packages fit into an
> official Debian blend, needs to be done by an official Debian-Edu
> maintainer, or am I wrong here? It's not sufficient that our packages
> run fine on our own Skolelinux installations.

I already tried to describe it above: the description "official
Debian-Edu maintainer/developer" doesn't fit reality.
Basically anybody who supports Skolelinux and who's work is appreciated
by the existing contributors can get an account and call himself a
Debian Edu Developer.
There's nothing like the Debian NM process in place for Debian Edu.

If you want to do work for Skolelinux, get started!
There is nothing that holds you back, except for your imagination (and
probably your time).

>>> What does it mean? 
>> Making CipUX being on the install medium and provide it ready to use and 
>> preconfigured at first boot after installation.  
> So, how can I make CipUX "appear" on the official Skolelinux install
> medium?

Make it a working alternative by working on the SVN and thus making it
appear on the install media.
Of course it requires some time until you have figured out how the
Debian Edu Installer works.

Andreas B. Mundt has done this with gosa in a rather short time and an
excellent way I think.
You could simply follow his example.

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