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Re: Please suggest minimal LDAP admin GUI


On Samstag, 24. Juli 2010, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> What exactly do these mean?  File share might be automount entries,
> but not sure since you mention it.

Whatever file shares a school might need, eg shares only accessable to 

> And printers would normally be 
> adding DHCP and DNS entries, and the printer configuration is done
> using the CUPS web interface and not a LDAP administration interface,
> so what extra would have to be done by the LDAP admin GUI?

Sometimes printers should only available to certain groups, eg teachers, or 
computers in this or that room. 

Also I believe we need _one_ GUI tool for basic configuration work, not many. 
That's why I think the CUPS admin interface is not good enough.


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