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Which packages are missing on the DVD...

To get some idea on what packages we would like to install that are
missing on the DVD for Debian Edu/Squeeze, I wrote a small script
src/build/CD-administrator/check-what-is-missing to compare the list
of wanted packages with the list of packages included on the DVD.
Here is the list of depends and recommends from our task files that
are missing in testing at the moment.

I am glad to notice that our profiles seem to have all the packages we
want to install on the DVD, so there is not very much reason to worry,
but it would be nice if all the laptop packages were available.

# Packages installed automatically by discover-pkginstall
cpqarrayd MISSING
# printing Recommends in education-laptop
kdebluetooth MISSING
powerdevil MISSING
kpowersave MISSING
ksynaptics MISSING
# printing Recommends in education-desktop-other
openoffice.org-help-en MISSING
gstreamer0.10-audiosink MISSING
# printing Recommends in education-desktop-kde
kghostview MISSING
kdegraphics-kfile-plugins MISSING
kaddressbook-plugins MISSING
kdepim-kio-plugins MISSING
digikamimageplugins MISSING
kpilot MISSING
kdenetwork-kfile-plugins MISSING
kiosktool MISSING
gwenview-i18n MISSING
quanta MISSING
kde-i18n-se MISSING
# printing Recommends in education-lang-no-desktop
openoffice.org-help-nb MISSING
openoffice.org-help-nn MISSING
# printing Recommends in education-lang-es-desktop
# printing Recommends in education-lang-he-desktop
openoffice.org-help-he MISSING
# printing Depends in education-desktop-sugar
sugar-calculate-activity MISSING
# printing Depends in education-development [ This is where the DVD is full ] 
fp-compiler MISSING
fp-ide MISSING
fp-units-base MISSING
fp-units-gfx MISSING
fp-utils MISSING
fp-units-gtk2 MISSING
fp-docs MISSING
fpc-source MISSING
fp-units-fcl MISSING
fp-units-i386 MISSING
fp-units-multimedia MISSING
fp-units-misc MISSING
fp-units-net MISSING
fp-units-rtl MISSING
fp-units-fv MISSING
lazarus MISSING
gambas2 MISSING
bwbasic MISSING
kommander MISSING
squeak-vm MISSING
umbrello MISSING
kdevelop MISSING
build-essential MISSING
autoconf MISSING
subversion MISSING
# printing Depends in education-services
dansguardian MISSING
# printing Recommends in education-desktop-sugar
xserver-xephyr MISSING
python-olpc-datastore MISSING

I do not know why some of these packages are missing, but did
investigate cpqarrayd, which is missing because a RC build failure,
and kdebluetooth which seem to fail to propagate to testing for some
unknown reason (failure to build on kfreebsd?).

The CD is full just before the education-development packages should
be included, so all packages listed after this point is kept out
because there is no more room on the DVD.

If you see any obsolete packages here, please let us know so we can
drop them from the tasks.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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