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Report from the Skolelinux project in Rhineland-Palatinate (RLP), Germany

Hey all,

Last Sunday there was a meeting of all the parties involved with the
Skolelinux-RLP project. The main topics discussed were the current
status of Skolelinux-RLP and how to move on from now, with the
importance of sustainability in mind when the project ends (from the
governmental side) in February 2011.

A rather drastic change of course was decided, which hopefully will help
the RLP project as well as the international Debian Edu project.

These are the most important things that have been decided:

1) Installation
From now on, Skolelinux 5 will be the base for all new installations,
using the DVD for the main-server, and optionally PXE for the other
No more pre-/self-built images :)

2) Features + Documentation
All features that were/are being developed for the specific requirements
of RLP shall be documented soon in the wiki. Until now, they were
built-in with the images and hard to use/implement by other parties.
In the future it shall be easier for everybody to use these features, if

Specially developed software shall be offered as packages for Skolelinux 5.
The RLP specific documentation shall be put into a package, similar to

These packages will be made available on
http://rp.skolelinux.de/packages/. Naturally, the amount of packages
shall be kept to a minimum, to stay as close to Skolelinux as possible.
What can go into Debian shall go there.

An AddOn-CD shall be created, containing the material to add the RLP
flavour to Skolelinux 5.

3) Discussions
Furthermore, all future discussions shall take place on the known public
mailinglists (as opposed to the private mailinglists before).

So expect some more traffic on debian-edu@lists.debian.org in the
future, as well as on user@skolelinux.de and cipux-devel@cipux.org.

4) Bugtracking
Bugtracking shall be improved. Bugs are reported directly to the BTS /
the bugzilla if their root is in Debian / Skolelinux. Wishlist bugs and
problems with the RLP specific features shall continue to be tracked on

 Bottom line
The overall goal is to make the project more sustainable. For this it is
important not to be a "fork of a fork", but rather be a flavour of the
"real" Skolelinux, which itself is trying to become a Debian Pure Blend
for the same reason.

The RLP project is still rather young and might lack some experience
about how to accomplish this. Any guidance, help and assistance for
self-help is welcome. This is a great chance to give a new push of life
and manpower to Debian Edu, let's work together and use this chance!

A personal note on #2):
On Tuesday I started cleaning and reorganizing
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu and its subpages.
I wanted to set up a clear structure, to make it more easily accessible
for users and hence be able to convince the RLP project to put all
technical documentation there.

I will now add an area for "Flavours" of Skolelinux, like Skolelinux-RLP
(Skolelinux 5 with the features required in RLP).
Those features which are not specific for RLP, but ones that other
people could use as well I would like to see in the general HowTo
section, and then linked from the RLP flavour.

Hopefully this plan will be appreciated and put to use.

Best wishes to everyone,
 .''`.   Philipp Huebner <debalance@debian.org>
: :'  :  pgp fp: 6719 25C5 B8CD E74A 5225  3DF9 E5CA 8C49 25E4 205F
`. `'`   HP: http://www.debalance.de, Skype: philipp-huebner
  `-     ICQ: 235-524-440, Jabber: der_schakal@jabber.org

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