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Cooperation between DebianEdu/Skolelinux and EdUbuntu ?

Dear all,

The board of the Norwegian FRISK ("Free software in the schools") organization that helps fund DebianEdu/Skolelinux development has received a request from the Norwegian Edubuntu community to look into how we can better cooperate.

The board have concluded that we would like to invite them to join our developer gatherings and hopefully to be part of FRISK if the DebianEdu/Skolelinux community does not disagree.

We know that there are people that have not been that happy with how Ubuntu have operated before by making some extra work and "noise" for Debian package maintainers and not contributed their translation back to the community upstream etc. Hopefully this is something that has been or can be changed.

If you have any opinions on this matter, we would appreciate that you let us know. You can send a reply back to the lists (public reply) or reply back to the board only styret@friprogramvareiskolen.no (not public) .

The FRISK board believe that a cooperation with DebianEdu and Edubuntu will strengthen both Linux Distribution and make it easier to help adopt Free software in the schools.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Have a nice day!

Arnt Ove Gregersen
FRISK board member

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