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new kdm/desktop wallpaper?

Dear all,

currently, on squeeze-edu the kdm buttons do not work, see:

When trying to fix this issue, I played a bit with working themes and
finally thought it might be easier to start with a new customized
theme for debian-edu instead of fixing the old one. 

So I tried that, and now a kdm screenshot (kvm, it might look slightly
different on a larger screen) is attached.

How is it done? Really simple, I copied the oxygen theme and prepared
a new background image from the debian moreblue-orbit and our
tux-logo. Finally the kde logo is replaced by the skolelinux logo. 
I wanted to keep the tux-behind-his-desk picture used in lenny-edu,
but could not find any "sources". So if you know where to obtain
those, please let me know.  

If feedback is all in all positive, I would check in the theme in
debian-edu-artwork as art/kdm-theme-squeeze, prepare a consistent
desktop background and take a look at gdm and perhaps usplash. 



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