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Re: gEDA packages for electronics category

[Peter Clifton]
> Hi guys,

Hi. :)

> I just noted that the "geda" suite is missing from the electronics
> category of Debian Edu.

Note that Debian Edu try to pick the best suited package in each
category, to reduce the cognitive strain on educators when they look
for applications to use, and not to provide all packages in a given

With that background, can you explain why gEDA should be provided as a
replacement for other similar packages?

> The closest you might have alrady is KiCad (one of our competitor
> packages). Some people like one, or the other better. In my opinion,
> gEDA is a more versatile package in terms of its flexability, but it
> holds your hand less in terms of a specific work-flow.

Which one of these are most suited for pupils between 7 and 16 years
old?  What about pupils betwen 16 and 19?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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