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Re: Which version of Debian Edu are people installing these days...

[Jan Roar Rød]
> my virtualbox network is a simple network: i have a ipcop VM wich is
> bridged network on eth0 to get internet. on eth1 (green interface) its
> set up as a virtualbox internal network witch static ip and
> hostmask .
> the kombitjener have eth0 on the virtualbox internal network, and it
> works vell . the VM diskless have it's eth0 also on Vm
> internalnetwork. no problem pinging from ip.cop and out, no problem
> pinging fram tjener to outside internet (eg. www.vg.no) when I
> actually get a successfull boot of the disless theres no problem
> surfing the net and no loss of packages.
> I can't find any clear networkproblem on my virtualbox.
> But, shouldn't we have a howto on setting up virtualbox the best way
> to test slx on? then we demand that everyone using virtualbox use this
> setup when testing.

I thought the wiki already had one?

Anyway, I test in kvm because I already have a kvm server handy and
expect others will test with whatevery they have handy too.  I have no
virtualbox experience myself, so I hope others might be able to help

Putting debian-edu@ again back on the reciving list, in case the other
developers can help you.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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