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Re: Which version of Debian Edu are people installing these days...

Hi Petter,

I'm testing Lenny for a primary school in Italy with 10 thin client.
I'm testing with VMWare and one Alix3d3 client.
The plan is to use an HP server (any suggestion?) and Alix3d3 thin
clients (or diskless workstations).
I think I will need your help in the next days :)

Thank you and Ciao!


2010/2/24 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>:
> I was curious, and had a look at the background data for the network
> install counting being graphed on
> <URL: http://maintainer.skolelinux.no/munin/skolelinux.no/administrator.skolelinux.no-edu_installs.html >.
> The count is for network installs (not using DVD), as these are the
> only ones with a working network configuration during installation.
> It is not unique hosts, but number of times someone ran the
> installation.
> These are the numbers between the start of the log 2010-02-21 06:25
> and right now:
>      2 lenny-test
>      6 etch
>     14 squeeze
>     34 lenny
> I suspect both the lenny-test installs are mine, which make me wonder
> if no-one but me is actively working on r1. :/
> Anyway, seem like the lenny release is getting tested, and that is
> very good. :)
> Happy hacking,
> --
> Petter Reinholdtsen
> --
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