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Re: samba-questions

Thanks for this link, is very useful!!

Regards, Martin

Jürgen Leibner schrieb:
On Sunday 07 February 2010 11:26 Martin Schulte wrote:
i added an WindowsXP-computer to the skolelinux network.

1. After login there is an Icon "My home" on desktop. I want to
rename it into the german name "Heimatverzeichnis". So that it will
be have this name, when I add a new user using LWAT. I looked around
in the /etc/samba/smb-debian-edu.conf , but nothing to find there.

2. Which is the standard-windows-profile the new user will succeed
(the folder profile). There is nothing to find in the /etc/skel .

Thanks, martin

You are here at the begining of a very complex part of managing things with windows machines. You should be aware of the whole part before you fiddle around with some config options. I say this to you, because your questions make me feel, that you haven't even read the samba docs and are also not aware of the profile concepts of MS-Windows machines. If I'm right with what I said above, you are adviced to first read/learn what is written in the samba docs at:


to get an expression about what you are thinking today ...

Best wishes, Jürgen Leibner

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