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Re: Wishlist for features in Skolelinux

Sérgio Saraiva skrev:
> Hi!
> That solution is relevant to me.
> Can you detail how to "reduce the dhcpXYZ range by n adresses"?
> I haven't much knowledge about DHCP  (dhcpXYZ?) ...
> Thanks,
> Sérgio

I've now documented one way to add more static addresses on the wiki:

For those interested, the way I put together the ext_static.ldif file was:
1) Using ldapvi, I removed all dhcp370-dhcp399 and exited, choosing to
save the changes as a LDIF.
2) I replaced the ldif variable of ranges.py[1] with a definition of
static50-static90 and concatenated the output with the ldapvi generated
LDIF (ranges.py also had to be modified to write changetype: add in the

[1] http://sepia.ath.cx/~jss/debian-edu/ranges.py

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