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Wishlist for features in Skolelinux

The last days I have been aware of the fact that there is to little communication between users (teachers at schools) and delvelopers. So I thought I should present my wishlist for features in future Skolelinux.

- A netbook version of skolelinux
- WiFi-controller based on wrt-hardware
- An easy way to freez all screens in a classroom. One button
- Exam-mode, where communication, internet and so on, is blocked.
- More than 50 static adresses for workstations (why is there a limit)
- Send message to all users, or group of users.
- Print quota
- A way to use the amount of free diskspace on "diskless workstations". (they are sold with harddisk most of them)
- Digital signage app (info screen) that runs on the server.
- Wii whiteboard, or something similar.

What is your wishlist, or vision?


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