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Re: Wishlist for features in Skolelinux

That solution is relevant to me.
Can you detail how to "reduce the dhcpXYZ range by n adresses"?
I haven't much knowledge about DHCP  (dhcpXYZ?) ...
2010/1/25 John S. Skogtvedt <jss@bzz.no>
Ole Anders Andreassen skrev:
> The last days I have been aware of the fact that there is to little
> communication between users (teachers at schools) and delvelopers. So I
> thought I should present my wishlist for features in future Skolelinux.
> ...
> - More than 50 static adresses for workstations (why is there a limit)
> ...
> OleA

There are actually 10 unused IP adresses:

In lwat in lenny you can add a machine with the hostname "static51" and
the IP, and both DNS and DHCP records will be added for that
machine. At least this easily gives you 10 more static adresses.

If one wants more than 10 extra IPs, the simplest is probably to reduce
the dhcpXYZ range by n adresses, and start adding static51 at

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