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use backport.org for certain modells per default (Re: r61963 - in trunk/src/debian-edu-config: debian sbin


On Freitag, 22. Januar 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > New Revision: 61963
> > Log:
> > Implement recipe for installing the iwlagn wireless driver in
> > Lenny in debian-edu-hwsetup.

I've added a check to make sure this is only done for lenny and not for eg, 
squeeze. I now see the user help in this feature, but I dislike that the user 
is not asked. But being able to use the hardware is a feature many people 
defnitly want ;-)

But I've got some more comments:

> > +	aptitude -t lenny-backports install debian-backports-keyring

does this work non-interactivly? (installing a package from a new repo)

in general, what happens if backports.org is down or the latest kernel package 
breaks installation, the code should make sure not to make the installation 
fail. "|| true" at least. 

also, if the installation of the kernel fails (because it's on another Debian 
arch or whatever) backports.org should be removed from sources.list.

and i would really prefer a question using the debconf interface if this 
should be done at all. some people prefer staying close to Debian, because 
they dont use that feature of the hardware (for example, a mediapc with 
unused wlan hw being used as server where a more stable kernel is more 

> I think this is a way too far reaching change at this stage of the release
> process, even if it _should_ only run on specific machines.

I'm still thinking about this. What do you think?


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