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Re: Some Problems with Lenny

 Sunday 10. of January 2010 18.08.34 skrev Martin Schulte :
> Hello,
> I installed debian-edu Lenny, and run into some problems:
> 1.) Using LWAT: I can't change 'manual' the password of a user. When
>  I  search user, click on it and press the button 'New Password', an
>  textfield appears, propose me a new password. But I can't change the
>  password, because editing is disabled (grey coloured, like the field
>  'username'). But this was possible using etch. Is this a bug or a
>  feature?

This is a feature, most sysadmins can't set proper secure passwords :-)

You can change it in /etc/lwat/config.php use this line:
$allowPwSet = true ;
Klaus Ade
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