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Some Problems with Lenny

I installed debian-edu Lenny, and run into some problems:

1.) Using LWAT: I can't change 'manual' the password of a user. When I search user, click on it and press the button 'New Password', an textfield appears, propose me a new password. But I can't change the password, because editing is disabled (grey coloured, like the field 'username'). But this was possible using etch. Is this a bug or a feature?

2.) I installed the mainserver and a workstation on 'Terra Mobile 2103 (Model M66SE)' laptops. While booting I get the alert:
      Failed to read splash image ((hd0,0)//grub/splash.xpm.gz)
      Press any key to continue...
   This problem does not occure, using etch.
   While booting, the screen get's red-white stripped for some seconds.

3. On this laptop, using KDE, I have to adjust the screen-size and the resolution manual. By default it's to big and the resolution is to low. E.g. I can't see the KDE-Taskbar. I think, there is also an problem with rendering. Is there a possibility (software, or something) to include graphic-drivers automatically?

Bye, Martin

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