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Re: r59633 - in trunk/src/debian-edu-doc: debian documentation/audacity documentation/debian-edu-etch documentation/debian-edu-lenny documentation/rosegarden documentation/rosegarden/images


debian-edu-lenny-manual.de.po: 542 translated, 249 fuzzy, 269 untranslated.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.es.po: 159 translated, 195 fuzzy, 706 untranslated.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.fr.po: 595 translated, 203 fuzzy, 262 untranslated.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.it.po: 1025 translated, 17 fuzzy, 18 untranslated.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.nb.po: 664 translated, 217 fuzzy, 179 untranslated.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.zh.po: 37 translated, 2 fuzzy, 1021 untranslated.

adds to why I don't think it's useful to spend time on creating a framework to 
deal with po strings in images. There are enough untranslated strings 
and(/so) I think my time is better spend elsewhere atm. So any source 
format, .xcf or .svg, will do for images now.


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