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Re: samba-vscan and clamav?

Hi. Update:

Am Montag 21 September 2009 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Q1: Is anybody using virus scanning on their samba share (with or
>     without vscan)

Yesterday, I scanned all files in home0 using clamscan. As I had to do 
so from a (Lenny) LTSP (rather than directly on Tjener), I wrote a 
script to be run by each user (using "su" as root). Logs are written to 
/var/log/clamav, infected files are moved to /var/lib/clamav/infected.
If anybody is interested, I can share the script.

> Q2: Are there plans to provide a vscan-enabled version of sambe in
>     Debian?

At the moment, a weekly scan of home0 is alright for me. But it would be 
nice to auto-scan USB drives and local disc (also for samba sessions).

This could be done by logon.bat launching some antivir.exe from a samba 
share. Any suggestions for this? 


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