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samba + clamfs setup / Re: samba-vscan and clamav?

Am Dienstag 22 September 2009 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
> An alternative that seems workable with current Debian (i.e. without
> convincing Debian Samba developers to change their packaging) is to
> use clamfs.

Hej Jonas,

thank you for this hint. I was looking for a fool-proof step-by-step 
howto - but the best I found was [1]. So, if anybody has it in service, 
please share your knowledge.

AFAIU, samba shares need to be placed in a directory (or partition?) 
that is mounted as ClamFS in userland (not by root, then?). Do I have to 
use ClamFS mountpoints then in smb.conf shares?

In the beginning it is a bit confusing for me. 

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