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Re: does killer kill ssh sessions? / Re: Strange LTSP phenomenon: Clients sessions freeze

Hey Petter,

Am Sonntag 20 September 2009 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Are the ssh sessions showing up when executing 'who'?  The killer
> program kill prosesses for non-existing and logged out users.  Are
> the users logged in using ssh seen as logged in users (aka the output
> from who)?

I can't check now (of course), but I'd rather think that only regular  
sessions (ssh, local login) are shown by "who". (And there is processes 
like softirqd that are not shown by htop, but by top.)

Is there any explanations of the output of "killer -d" ?
What does "killer" print to stdout if it is triggered?
Why does killer depend on exim BTW? It would be great if I could be 
warned in emergency case by email, but I didn't read that the mailserver 
could be fixed so far (maybe my fault missing that good news?).


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