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Re: does killer kill ssh sessions? / Re: Strange LTSP phenomenon: Clients sessions freeze

Am Sonntag 20 September 2009 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Is there any explanations of the output of "killer -d" ?
> What does "killer" print to stdout if it is triggered?

Anyway, at the moment, I run hourly
killer -n >>/var/log/killer-n.log

and in every break (when no-one should be working)
killer >>/var/log/killer.log

While the latter file is blank, the former looks like this:

kill(9, 23104) user=11316 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 18534) user=11359 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 30147) user=11341 command=su nice=0
kill(9, 18537) user=11359 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 23101) user=11316 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 21607) user=11371 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 20803) user=11326 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 30157) user=11341 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 19192) user=11312 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 30153) user=11341 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 20193) user=11353 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 20190) user=11353 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 19122) user=11316 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 27501) user=11341 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 30159) user=11341 command=perl nice=0
kill(9, 19119) user=11316 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 21604) user=11371 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 19195) user=11312 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 27504) user=11341 command=sh nice=0
kill(9, 20806) user=11326 command=sh nice=0
kill(15, 22098) user=11371 command=ssh-agent nice=0
kill(15, 19196) user=11312 command=bash nice=0
kill(15, 27207) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(15, 22919) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(15, 24441) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(15, 32409) user=11312 command=artsshell nice=0
kill(15, 19199) user=11312 command=ck-launch-sessi nice=0
kill(15, 22179) user=11371 command=artsd nice=0
kill(15, 19680) user=11312 command=ssh-agent nice=0
kill(15, 19771) user=11312 command=artsd nice=0
kill(15, 25170) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(15, 21615) user=11371 command=ck-launch-sessi nice=0
kill(15, 19688) user=11312 command=x-session-manag nice=0
kill(15, 22106) user=11371 command=x-session-manag nice=0
kill(15, 26634) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(15, 21611) user=11371 command=bash nice=0
kill(15, 32296) user=11371 command=artsshell nice=0
kill(9, 22098) user=11371 command=ssh-agent nice=0
kill(9, 19196) user=11312 command=bash nice=0
kill(9, 27207) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(9, 22919) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(9, 24441) user=11341 command=dcopserver nice=0
kill(9, 32409) user=11312 command=artsshell nice=0
kill(9, 19199) user=11312 command=ck-launch-sessi nice=0
kill(9, 22179) user=11371 command=artsd nice=0
kill(9, 19680) user=11312 command=ssh-agent nice=0

Unfortunately, there are no time stamps. If you tell me how to get more 
information, I will try.


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