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Replace LTSP show blocker FAM by GAMIN?

Dear list,

during recent years, I used to be in school everyday, 
thus I could solve sudden issues with our LTSP at once.

In order to have a stable plus comfortable LTSP server 
in the year to come, I upgraded to Debian [Edu] Lenny
(unreleased, yes, I know).

This year, the LTSP server needs to do its job more or less
unattended, since I won't be in school regularily.

However, during the past 3 weeks there have been at least three 
incidences when login was not possible to more than 5 users within 
finite time (*). In all cases, famd turned out to be the culprit:
Each case some user left behind a process zombie that took one out of 
two CPUs (100% on CPU0).

Today, I replaced fam by gamin, but have to wait and see if this will
lead to a stable system.

Additionally, I installed auto nice daemon (and; discussed before), 
but don't have the time to tweak it on. Hence, configurations of 
other users would be great.

Any further scripts that are worth to deliver out of the box,
bearing in mind the release to come?

Thank you,
kind regards,

(*) As I am not available 24-7 (rather 3-1), and "failed" to train
local people to treat such situations right away (by simple operations 
like retting the server), this situation could last for several days 
until I get aware of it. This means, that one of two computer labs ("The 
Linux Room") is unusable until I kill the responsible famd process.

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