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Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering 29/10 - 01/11 2009

o Your name

Martin Öhler 

(my girlfriend will accompaign me - seperate cost, but two people will join
the events)  

o Your travel expenses (if you are or plan to be an active developer,
translator or contributor to Skolelinux).

approximately 250 EUR

  o Which part of the gathering you are joining (conference,
technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation, facilitators)

As developer of some extensions to the skolelinux system to fulfill the
demands of the Rheinland Pfalz project, I hope to find an interchange of
ideas about our features. Additionally, I'll be helpful fixing some bugs.

  o If you are joining us for dinner on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday

Yes, all of them (2 persons, see above). We arrive with the late flight on
Thursday so it might be to late for dinner.

Kind regards,
Martin Öhler

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