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new package 'killer' vs. 'and' (auto nice daemon) // Re: Replace LTSP show blocker FAM by GAMIN?


Am Montag 14 September 2009 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Additionally, I installed auto nice daemon (and; discussed before),
> but don't have the time to tweak it on. Hence, configurations of
> other users would be great.

Scanning bug reports, I met the "killer" package introduced in 2008.
Of course, it was not installed in Etch, and thus not added by simple 
upgrading (what other packages have to been added?).

So, I point myself here to 
>$ apt-cache show killer
>Package: killer
>Priority: optional
>Section: misc
>Installed-Size: 112
>Maintainer: Debian Edu Developers <debian-edu@lists.debian.org>
>Architecture: all
>Version: 0.90-6
>Depends: perl, exim4 | mail-transport-agent
>Filename: pool/main/k/killer/killer_0.90-6_all.deb
>Size: 23928
>MD5sum: 0cf3e47f0be7f5a779b655721ab842fa
>SHA1: a1ec0acd38be86f577c56341897a59417823a48a
> 3baa4de6e7ec6c98fe22d776cf0aae2e26aa29db8e858a55beaf3aea30cd4734
> Description: Background job killer
> killer is a perl script that gets rid of background jobs. Background
> jobs are defined as processes that belong to users who are not
> currently logged into the machine. Jobs can be run in the background
> (and are exempt from *killer*'s actions) if their scheduling priority
> has been reduced by increasing their nice(1) value or if they are
> being run through condor.
> .
> When the package is installed, a cron job is installed to run killer
> once an hour.

In worst case this can mean that you have to wait 1 hour until CPU is 
released. Is anybody using AND (auto nice daemon) additionally, or is it 
better just to adjust the timing of the cronscript?


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